March 29, 2018


We want to be right by your side, at EVERY step of the way.

To get the process started, we will make an appointment with you to find out what you require. Based on your specific needs, we will detail the various personalized options that will cater to your needs.

We endeavour to deliver candidates with the RIGHT fit and calibre to your organization. We are committed to getting it RIGHT with a RESOLUTE mind-set in the recruitment process.


Headhunting is the most detailed and rigorous for the targeted, mid to top talented professionals.

Equipped with our established DATABASE, SOURCING TOOLS and NETWORKING SKILLS SETS, we will create a CUSTOMIZED REPORT/MARKET MAP on relevant and qualified candidates that are suitable for the specific search. This search entails both active and passive candidates.

Based on your requirements, we will further fine tune the findings and present to you a detailed report on the best suited candidates for the role. The report will include other information e.g. current market sentiments on the company, selected candidates’ opinions about the opportunity and their current and expected remuneration.


Our target range comprise of entry, middle and top level permanent positions.

Firstly, we will note down your search requirements and provide search advisory.

Capitalizing on our established DATABASE, SOURCING TOOLS, EFFECTIVE RECRUITMENT CALIBRE, we take intricate care in the recruitment process, exemplifying integrity and will recommend the most suitable candidates that are relevant for the position.


This search methodology is adopted for any urgent, temporary or limited headcounts.

Our team is well-equipped to assist you in this arrangement. Leveraging on our established DATABASE, SOURCING TOOLS and SHARP RECRUITMENT ACUMEN, we will devise a shortlist on the most relevant candidates that are suitable and readily available for the position.